No party is complete without a great DJ. They are the ones that bring new life into a tired party and keep the fun going all night long. But, the best DJs are like actors, they display their emotions (through their music) for the world to see. And, understandably, it is this emotion and passion that makes them celebrities. Hire a DJ in LA has the best wedding dj in Los Angeles.

If you want to experience a night with hottest, most famous DJs on TV, there are several festivals in California that are calling your name. Some of the DJs you can expect to see there include:

* Hardwell: Voted World’s #1 DJ by DJ Mag – Formerly of Swedicsh House Mafia, he is a Dutch producer and one of the investors of the summer rooftop lounge, EP and LP, located in West Hollywood. He is also responsbile for a number of populuar songs, notably “Spaceman”

* DJ Phil B: He is one of the best DJs in the United States and is known in his hometown of San Francisco for his legendary and versatile perfromances. His production credits include words on several tracks for Livin’ Joy and Grace. He also worked with BT. Phil B’s Compilation CD Music for the Clubs in 2000. which spent 6 months in the top 10 of Tower Records albums.

* DJ Paulo: Originally from Portugal, this DJ has evolved from his humble beginnings into one of the hottest DJs on the planet. Some of his credits include Christina Aguileras’ “Not Myself” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Keep that TV watching house clean!

Watching tv, can be unhealthy and can cause depression and it plays a considerable part in implementing different cultural, social and even military objectives. For a lot of people television continues to be the major source for getting all the details, which may satisfy their demands as social men and women. Aside from that, television offers us with excellent entertainment for almost any taste, beginning with cartoons and ending with action films. Each one of these positive factors benefits steady increase of Television viewership and promote people to devote time in front of the Television set. Usually this leads to television addiction and abuse, which always cause many harmful effects and can significantly harm people’s health and chosen lifestyle. I just read a study that you need to clean your carpets 4 times a year. People are getting asthma and getting colds because of dirty carpets. I just hired and they did an amazing job. Check them out!

Watching too much of television is linked with possible mental disturbances or disorders. The highest spreads of these are attention or interest deficit disorder along with other issues with emotional health. In the same manner, obsessive Television watchers commonly feel so called weariness of the orientation response, that contribute to constant feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Bringing the outcomes of ease and comfort into our minds, TV really affects human brain and then makes it exhausted even within one minute of Television watching period. Recent researchers found that television decreases our thinking. Additionally, color and image flickering has an effect on human vision and, particularly, functioning of heart, since the frequencies of this kind of flickering may be similar to the frequencies of the heart rate or to certain electrical frequencies, which help functioning of brain and human heart .

Other very popular concerns of those persons, who watch television too much, is insomnia, lack of concentration, depressive thoughts, restlessness, etc. Obsessive watching Television steals the time and energy to be spent for a lot of other crucial activities, such as cleaning the house, reading, traveling, theaters or going to cinemas and so many.

What you hear is what you become

Remember when you were a kid and your mom used to say to you, be careful who you hang around because you will be just like them. I never understood this until I turned 25. I knew that in high school I wasn’t hanging out with the people that I wanted to be like, but I wasn’t like them. So I thought. I remember going to parties and not drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around but all of my friends were. I remember telling myself over and over again that I didn’t want to be like them. But after a while I began to idealize a few of them. Within a few years we became the popular kids in town. Mainly the guys I hung out with because they threw the best parties and got all the hot chicks. I was just along for the crazy ride. But one day I decided to take a little drink of smirnoff vodka. I remember it tasting like pure gasoline. At that point I decided it wasn’t for me.

A few months past and we were heading to another party. We wanted to get started early so we decided to rent a private car from Burbank car service  so we could drink the whole way there. My buddy tricked me into drinking by saying it was the best tequila that money could buy, “Patron” Brad Pitt drinks it. I loved the taste of tequila I never looked back. I wrote off going to college and Joined a band, decided that the road and music was my passion. Oh and chasing girls and partying. After years of finally hanging out with these guys I finally became one of these guys.

After being around these people long enough I finally gave in. I stayed in this downward spiral for about 6 years. Thank god my girlfriend finally pulled me away from the last one. In the last 3 years I have surrounded myself with successful entrepreneurs, yogis, meditation experts, CEO of fortune 500 companies, and authors. By being around them I naturally started looking into investment properties, checking out investment banking, and I even started a few companies that are doing really well. And I give thanks to all of these people for helping me to rewire my brain.

The moral of this story is the people you watch and listen to are creating your future for you whether you realize it or not. So if you don’t want to listen to your mother then take it from me. I wasted 6 years of my life just floating by because all of the cool kids in my town were. Well guess what being broke and commuting on your skateboard is not cool, trust me.

Good and bad tv

what you love and hate about watching television

The act of watching television is a love hate relationship for myself, and in recent years while I haven’t owned a television set of my own I have really started to realize what exactly it is that I love and hate about watching television. It’s really America’s favorite pastime, to sit around on their personal entertainment areas in their homes and stare into the tube that refracts the images from all over the place right into the safety of your home. It’s an incredible invention that’s only been around for less than a century, but since that fatal day when television became a staple in American culture, we’ve never quite been the same people.

The first and foremost thing that I love about television is the simple fact and technology of watching a live sporting event. I find it absolutely amazing that we can watch a football or soccer match from all across the world in real time. I mean if you really think about it, how does all of this really function and work to give us in-home, live entertainment. I can watch all of my favorite teams either through some kind of cable broadcasting or even through a streaming from my laptop onto a television monitor, so when it comes down to it no one really has an excuse to miss out on a big game if they really want to watch it. It’s accessible to all, and it’s live drama.

But other than watching live drama I really love being able to enjoy some of the better programs and stories that are told through television programs. Although a lot of what’s on TV is complete crap, in fact most of it is crap, there are still some programs that are worthwhile and are very enjoyable stories that go on for years and years. It’s a very different type of entertainment than watching a movie, which I like to do through TV also, but falling in love with some TV characters has been a part of all our lives, no matter where you live.

Now, let’s talk about the negative, mundane, horrifically horrible side of watching television that doesn’t get the same kind of press so much as the positive side of TV. What I hate most about watching television is the moment when you realize that you’re just watching TV just to see what is on, not necessarily because you had a planned out program or sporting event that you wanted to watch, but solely because you are just so bored out of your mind that you have nothing better to do but sit around and watch TV.
The one thing that I hate the most is when I get invited over to a friend’s house and I walk in and everyone is silent watching the tube. It’s like their minds have been sucked away into a wormhole of ever-lasting boredom and complacency to the point that there is no going back, and fun will never be the same…

Watch people watch TV

I am apparently not the only one that thinks this way. People laugh about it but it is a real epidemic happening in our own living rooms. Listen to my buddy Louis C K he will fill you in on the real deal, the guy is hilarious.


Hello big not so scary world

My humble beginnings start out in a small town of Marsing ID. I grew up on a farm. The nearest town was 8 miles away with 700 people. There were 50 kids in my class so I got to know everyone pretty quickly. It was a blast growing up on a farm. I learned to grow food, take care of livestock, and really respect the land and what it produced for us. Nature taught me a lot about how the world works, until I started watching TV.

All i knew growing up was that we lived out in the country living the easy life. No crime rate, no murders, I don’t even remember any of our neighbors having a dispute. I just thought that is the way the world worked. After I got a little older my dad bought us a big old tv to sit right in the middle of the living room. The nights we used to lay around laugh and play board games was over. Pretty much after dinner the TV came on and we stopped talking to each other. The television began to control the evening. And you better believe it we believed everything we saw on TV.

At this point we had just finished a war but were looking to start another one with somebody. Everybody is a terrorist or a bad guy in the eyes of the sheltered american people that all they have to listen to is Bush and CNN. Which stands for Constant Negative News. Or fox studios, what a joke. Comedy central conducted a study back in 2012. They interviewed 1000 people who watched fox news as their main media source and 1000 people that didn’t watch any form of news or media. The people that never watched TV were more informed and politically correct than the people that watched fox news. I couldn’t believe it, but after I thought about it, it made complete sense.

Growing up being programmed by the tube really did some damage on me. I was afraid of everything. The economy crashing, the communists taking over, terrorists attacking little old Marsing ID, and someone coming in the middle of the night to shoot and rape our family. How can you blame me, that is all that is ever on. They never talk about how a dolphin saved a lady from drowning in Maui, or the fact that CBD oil and UV lights are curing cancer. These are the things we should be talking about. Positivity brings more positivity.